The New Evolution in fitness kickboxing

Fitness kickboxing has been a popular fitness choice among women (and men) for many years.

The combination of punching and kicking a heavy bag. Throw in some pushups, crunches, sprawls and a motivating instructor and you have yourself a good workout.

You find it all over the world, in martial arts schools, in both small and big gyms. 


What makes it so popular?

Is it the stress-relief of hitting a bag?

Is it the fact that it’s just you and the heavy bag? 

Jab, cross, rear kick!

(Add loud music)


There’s no doubt, it feels good after completing a challenging fitness kickboxing workout...

but what if the workout was deliberately created in a way that didn’t empower you just physically in a fitness kind of way, but truly impacted you in a psychological kind of way as well? is a program that was created to do just that. The "sweet spot" between fitness and empowering self defense.


The first step was to create an environment of support, like a team or community where everybody shares everybody's successes, whether it's a fitness goal, personal protection or simply a boost in self confidence.

There is a Spartan theme to the workout, with epic music that narrates and guides you through the entire class. Everyone knows historically, Spartan women kicked butt, not just the men.

This was an important concept for the class because there are no "women only" classes in In the real-world, women ARE competing with men, personally and professionally, and building the confidence to do so is a great benefit of this class. 


The workout guides you through a series of combative skills and techniques, similar to kickboxing, but with more emphasis on real-world self defense, introducing many different striking skills, not just punching.

Palm strikes, knees, elbows, hammer fists, kicks and more, all to a pumping music soundtrack. 

It's very empowering as you learn to transform your body into a fighting machine.


The interaction between the participants builds quite a camaraderie. Holding pads for offensive combinations and glove to glove to feel the defensive techniques, creating a razor sharp focus, all while motivating each other to take it to a higher level of effort and skill. 


Age and ability is of no concern as everyone in the class knows it's all about "Releasing the warrior inside you", just having the confidence to do your own "best". The only competition is inside you, striving to perform better than your last class.


Individual creativity and decision-making is built into the workout as you are engaged in combination-striking drills, utilizing all the different striking skills you have been introduced to. You are deciding whether you're going to punch, smack, finger jab, knee, elbow or whatever you decide to hit the mark called out by the instructor.

You are creating faster reactions and building confidence because it is YOU making the decisions.

The individualized creativity and critical decision-making builds competence, which builds confidence, leading to increased self-motivation.


Although the workout integrates simplified self defense skills, it by no means should be considered a "hardcore" self defense class. addresses that type of training by offering optional monthly workshops that dive deeper into the self defense aspect, with a greater intensity than a regular class.


The workouts conclude with a series of creative body-weight resistance exercises building functional strength, blasting your muscles and burning calories. A complete aerobic and anaerobic workout. 


As you can see, a class is much more than just a workout, it is an experience.  With a series of different classes and music tracks, it's not the same old thing every class. And with a private Facebook group (The MFD Agoge Nation) for members, the additional support to achieve your personal goals is always there.


Welcome to the new evolution in fitness kickboxing.