That magic moment.


You just arrived at the studio and it's your very first MFD workout. You don't really know what to expect, even though you've done some research and are fully aware it's a high intensity kickboxing self defense class with lots of body weight exercises and tons of cardio.


As you're waiting for the class to begin, you begin to think back about how you finally made it to class after weeks of just thinking about it and always finding a new excuse to put it off. You finally committed.


You're standing in a line as the class begins. It starts off pretty slow, getting all your muscles warmed up and ready for the high intensity stuff that's coming up next.

The warmup is over and the music is picking up.

The striking moves are coming pretty quick and in combinations. You look over and the guy next to you is throwing punches like a professional fighter. You start feeling a little insecure about your abilities. The punches and strikes are new to you and you're beginning to feel uncoordinated. Frustration is building. You might even feel a little bit embarrassed by now. The combinations keep coming. The music is loud. 


Now... Here come the questions that you start asking yourself inside your head. The self-defeating ones.

"Can I even do this?"

"Is this too hard for me?"

"Am I too old for this?"

"Was this a bad decision? I knew it."

and many more just like them.


Just as you are getting to the point of accepting defeat, something happens.

In this moment... something clicks.

Your brain and your body finally put it all did it. After a bunch of reps, you finally did it.

You even said to yourself, "YES, I DID IT!"


That moment in time is what we call a "magic moment" or at least that's what I call it.

The moment when we conquer adversity through determination, even if it's a little thing.

A victorious moment that empowers us to want to have more of them.

That is what the MFD class is all about. it's about having these moments over and over. 

Every time you get challenged, you think of it as an opportunity to get stronger, not as it being a chance to get embarrassed.

When you create the ability to focus entirely on what you want to accomplish, instead of thinking about what you don't want to happen, it is then that you are beginning to utilize the true purpose of the training. 


Of course, we always want the MFD classes to be fun and burn tons of calories, but our true mission is to empower people enough to change their lives. To have the confidence to fight for the life they really want.

When I'm teaching a class, i'm not just checking out punches, elbows and kicks, I'm looking for these "magic moments" our clients are experiencing throughout the class.

It's about accumulating those magic moments that will change your life, whether it's in a MFD class or anywhere else.

This is why I believe when somebody takes a MFD class, they're not just getting a workout, they're having an "experience." 


The first step is to release the warrior inside you. You need to make the decision to take action, just like we talked about at the beginning of this post. 

The second step is to prepare to encounter challenges and accept that you'll have to persevere...until you have that "magic moment".

Then you encounter a new challenge and conquer that one, now armed with the confidence of accomplishing the first one.

The cycle keeps repeating as you become stronger and stronger.

So what do you do now?

You start accepting new challenges, small or big and you persevere until you have that "magic moment."

Challenge yourself to accumulate more and more each day.

We're always looking for these "magic moments in class. We love them!

Now go out and create those Magic Moments!

Be awesome today.