You Don't Have To Like It, Just Do It!

As I sit reflecting on the 6:15am class I just taught this morning, it got me thinking about people's willpower and maybe more so, the lack of it.

I realize I might have a little different perspective on this than most people, because I am kinda obsessed with many of my goals and driven to achieve them. (Ask anyone who knows me)

BUT I am also fully aware that MOST people quit almost everything they start before completing it.

Why is that?

Maybe because by the time they finish what they started, they lose interest.

Maybe they decide to abandon it before they "fail" and not risk feeling embarrassed by others. If they only realized that "failure" is a natural part of success.

Or maybe, they just don't "love" it anymore, so why bother?

Of course, it all depends on the goal, but if your goal is something that can make a better life for yourself, such as, health related or "life skill" related (confidence, focus, etc.), you can't let yourself give up.

You really need to look deep inside and remind yourself of what the real "purpose" of that goal was/is.

For instance, if you join an exercise program or gym, why did you join?

Sure, you want it to be fun and enjoyable, but that wasn't the purpose. Maybe it was because your doctor told you, your blood pressure was high or you were at risk for certain diseases. That was your purpose. You need to remember that. It wasn't all about having fun.

Seriously, do you think I love getting up at 5:00 in the morning to teach a MyFitDefense class?

Not usually. :)

But I think of my purpose of that class. The opportunity to give people a way to change their life for the better through exercise or the ability to protect themselves.

And willpower is over-rated! How often are you all pumped up when it's time to do what you gotta do. Especially working out at 6:00 in the morning or after work, when all you want to do is put your feet up on a couch.

It's not a matter of willpower, it's a matter of purpose. You have to give yourself a trigger to take action. Think of your purpose, then get your ass in gear! Right away! Hesitation will beat you every time!

So now, what is your goal?

Why is it your goal?

What are you going to do to make it happen?

You don't even always have to like it.

When I created the program, it was all about teaching people the ability to release the warrior inside them, and fight for the life they really want!

We just use the vehicle of high energy fitness with simplified self defense to make this happen.


You may not like asparagus, but you know it's good for you. :)


What do you want to happen in your life and why are you not fighting for it?


Comment below and let me know.


Find a way to be awesome today!