Rich Kohler

Founder • MyFitDefense.com


•  6th Degree Karate Blackbelt

•  32 years of martial arts and self defense experience

•  Physical empowerment coach


Rich's passionate and motivational teaching style has been empowering people of all ages for over 25 years. From everyday enthusiasts to law enforcement and pro football and hockey athletes, he continues to use the vehicle of personal protection to make a positive impact on everyone he teaches.



Kevin Lynch

Co-Founder • MyFitDefense.com


•  B.S. Exercise Science: Human Performance

•  1st Place Heavyweights (Bodybuilding) - CT Championship 2014

•  1st Place Heavyweights (Bodybuilding) - New England Championship 2015


Kevin is serious about fitness training and the many benefits it offers. His attention to detail and professionalism, all with a sense of humor, gives the people he trains an intense, yet enjoyable, top-notch experience!