An Evolution In Fitness That Kicks Butt - Hits Glastonbury, CT!



An Exciting Combination Of Kickboxing, Body Resistance Exercises And Kick- Butt Simplified Self-Defense Moves That Get You In Great Shape Fast And Feeling Unstoppable!  

   For Men & Women Of All Fitness Levels!

Release The Warrior Inside You With MyFitDefense

An Evolution In Fitness That Kicks Butt - Hits Glastonbury!


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Everybody is looking for the latest and greatest workout to achieve their fitness goals. 


Most of the time, the ability for you to reach those fitness goals comes down to consistency. If you get bored or the workout is too challenging, then chances are, you’re going to give up and fail. Unfortunately, it happens over and over for many people.


Cardio-based boxing and kickboxing workouts have been a popular choice for many years. 


Those heart-pumping, bag-hitting workouts give you a great sweat and really help relieve a lot of stress.


But many of these classes fall short.


Sure, all the punching and kicking gets the heart rate up, but why stop there?

Standing in front of a punching bag, while an instructor barks out punching and kicking combinations and a few sprawls and pushups thrown in for an hour, gets old pretty quick. Punching bags are not the best motivators or the best way to learn how to defend yourself.




                   As Seen on...


It's Not Just A Workout...It's An Experience.​

Our Classes Are Epic!

 Professionally-Mixed Music Tracks

We understand the importance of the "right type" of music while you're working out. 

Our music tracks are timed and coordinate with the training throughout the workout.

Different kinds of music create different emotions.

We believe and so do our Warriors, this adds a tremendous motivation to your workout experience! 





Warm-Up & Stretch:

 You begin every class with a 5 minute warm-up and stretch. It's important and professional to ease your way into your workout, especially if you're about to train like a Spartan.

Combative Training:

For the next 35 minutes you will experience heart-pumping cardio and resistance kickboxing and our exclusive simplified self-defense training, inspired by Krav Maga fundamentals. 

Unlike standing in front of a punching bag the whole time like ordinary cardio kickboxing classes, you will interact with partners, punch and kick body shields, focus pads and target bags (heavy bags).

Your reactions and ability to make split-second decisions will become fast and sharp.

You will build an admirable level of personal protection, all while the fat melts off your body.

Exciting and Fun! 

Body-Weight Resistance Exercises:

 After banging on the pads for a while and releasing all that stress, you're going to really kick in the "Spartan Mindset" as you get ready to undergo 15 minutes of fun, creative, muscle-burning exercise training.

Be assured, we'll cover everything from head to toe!

What a great way to finish your workout, feeling those muscles getting toned, knowing your metabolism is kicking it up and burning those calories long after you've left your class. Great way to remember us all day long!

Cool Down & Stretch:

 We didn't forget an important and satisfying 5 minute cool down. You've trained like a Spartan, ready to tackle your day with confidence and now it's important to bring it down a little and stretch out those tired and worked muscles. Nice deep breaths, proud of yourself and already thinking about what the next class has in store for you.  

 "I absolutely love it!

I look forward to going to class and it has become the highlight of my week!"

- Kim S

 "A motivating  and unique class  that gives me  a good workout, while I  get to hit stuff!"

- Kristie K.

Our Spartan Philosophy 

All of our members are equal.

Men and women learn to kick butt together, creating a more realistic feeling of physical self confidence from the training. Sorry, no "Women Only" classes. You will thank us if you're ever put in a situation where you really have to protect yourself.


Your success at fulfilling your fitness goals is everybody's success.

There are NO weak links in our classes. Everyone supports each other and are there to motivate you to set bigger and even better goals.


No Whining. You can do it!

The professional instructors truly care about your fitness goals and are there to push you and guide you, just enough to progress each and every class. NO MATTER WHAT FITNESS LEVEL YOU ARE.


 & MyFitDefense


Cardio, Resistance Training, Simplified Self Defense - You Get It All!


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All Members gain Access to...



* Exclusive Technique/Exercise Videos

* Monthly Krav Maga Self Defense Workshops

* Motivational Coaching & Support

* Nutritional Guidance/Tips

* Our Weekly "MFD Warrior Of The Week"

* And A Supportive & Inspiring Community!

Some "MFD Warriors of the Week" Is Now Empowering People World-Wide!

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Now you can on!


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